Another Ocrevus Infusion!

Yesterday, I had my fourth full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to say I have been feeling well ever since my first half doses back in March, 2020!

I am forever grateful to this incredible medication. If this is your first time, visiting my blog, let’s talk a bit about Ocrevus. (If you’re curious about my last infusion, CLICK HERE!)

This. Is. MS.

What is Ocrevus?

Ocrevus is an infusion I receive twice each year to help slow the progression of my MS. I have had ZERO symptoms since starting Ocrevus, and no new lesions on my MRI scans! Some lesions are even shrinking in size!

I have only ever received my full infusions at home, and I absolutely love not having to drive to an infusion center or the hospital. I am able to relax on my own couch, with my own blankets and not have to worry about going anywhere!

Ocrevus supplies set up in our back room. They are dropped off the night before the infusion!

How Did the Infusion Go?

Ever since the rapid infusions were approved, I feel like my overall infusion times keep getting shorter and shorter! The nurse arrived around 9:30AM, I was given the appropriate dose of steroids, and then immediately was able to begin the Ocrevus! The Ocrevus was already finished by 12:30, and THAT WAS IT! I will gladly give up one morning every six months to ensure my MS is kept in remission.

The nurse was great and was able to find a good vein on the first try!

My blood pressure remained stable throughout, and I had no side effects while receiving my dose. (I did have a bit of a scratchy throat and headache last night, but nothing that a little Tylenol couldn’t fix!) I woke up this morning feeling like myself again!

Now What?

I see my MS specialist later this month, and I will need to have MRI scans done again (most likely over the summer), and then I get my Ocrevus again in six months!

Other than that, I plan on living life, fully vaccinated, healthy, and happy.

And I plan on getting as many snuggles as possible with these two…

I honestly don’t know how they make themselves fit in this little basket!

Still have questions about Ocrevus? Check out these FAQs!

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Remember, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month may have ended yesterday, but over two million people, including myself, are still living with MS everyday. Be kind, spread awareness, and let’s cure MS!

Published by Kristen Dutkiewicz

I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

2 thoughts on “Another Ocrevus Infusion!

  1. How wonderful that the Ocrevus is shrinking your lesions! Posts like these are so important because the idea of infusions is scary and seeing other people’s experiences is comforting. Thanks for sharing your journey!


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