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Kindle Vella One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe but one year ago today I released my first episode with Amazon’s Kindle Vella! While Kindle Vella is still rather new, one year ago, it was almost unheard of. Having already published works with Kindle Direct Publishing, I saw this teeny tiny option at the top of the page to “Manage KindleContinue reading “Kindle Vella One Year Anniversary”

Kindle Vella Madness

In the spirit of March Madness, a tournament was also started for Kindle Vella enthusiasts to vote for their favorites in four pre-selected genres. Voting occurs daily through April 1st when a winner will be announced! I’m Still Me I am fortunate enough to have my romance/medical drama selected as one of the nominees inContinue reading “Kindle Vella Madness”

Nonfiction Works on Kindle Vella

Did you know I have FIVE nonfiction works currently available on the Kindle Vella platform? And psst… If you are still new to Kindle Vella, you can check them out and feel free to read the first three episodes of each one 100% for FREE! So what have I written about? Number One: Living WithContinue reading “Nonfiction Works on Kindle Vella”

Still Spreading Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

March is recognized as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month Boy, have I tried over these past few years to do my part in spreading awareness! And I’m not stopping anytime soon! Continue reading for a little about my own multiple sclerosis journey along with useful links and resources I have provided. A Little Background… Yes, IContinue reading “Still Spreading Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis”

I’ve Been Busy!!! Checking In…

Where Have I Been? First of all, I am fine. Better than fine – I am doing great! I am so sorry for not writing to anyone who truly follows me or my blog. If you follow my works, you know I have been continuously updating my Kindle Vella stories and routinely posting to InstagramContinue reading “I’ve Been Busy!!! Checking In…”

Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited

About six weeks ago, I began my journey with Amazon’s new serialized reading platform, Kindle Vella, and have been very fortunate in that I have readers following me on this new writing journey! To read more about Kindle Vella, CLICK HERE to read my blog post where I explain how Vella works. However, I acknowledgeContinue reading “Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited”

Another Ocrevus Infusion!

Yesterday, I had my fourth full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to say I have been feeling well ever since my first half doses back in March, 2020! I am forever grateful to this incredible medication. If this is your first time, visiting my blog, let’s talk a bit about Ocrevus. (If you’reContinue reading “Another Ocrevus Infusion!”

I Received My Covid Booster!

I am officially fully vaccinated! Last week, I received my booster shot, and I am full of comfort knowing I am doing my part to stop the spread and bring us all one step closer to the end of this pandemic. I have been tracking my full vaccination journey, and if anyone would care toContinue reading “I Received My Covid Booster!”

The Holidays in 2021

First, let me wish everyone a (belated!) happy new year! Here’s to 2022 being even better than 2021. We can do it! When I prepared my post one year ago about Christmas, the pandemic was still pretty new, and no one really knew how to stay safe yet besides keeping their distance from others. CLICKContinue reading “The Holidays in 2021”

Multiple Sclerosis Updates

My last blog post regarding my MS was a couple weeks ago at this point, and I wrote about My Ocrevus Infusion. Everything went well, I felt great following the infusion, and now, about two and a half weeks later, it is almost as if I can forget I even have multiple sclerosis some days!Continue reading “Multiple Sclerosis Updates”