Another Ocrevus Infusion!

Yesterday, I had my fourth full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to say I have been feeling well ever since my first half doses back in March, 2020! I am forever grateful to this incredible medication. If this is your first time, visiting my blog, let’s talk a bit about Ocrevus. (If you’reContinue reading “Another Ocrevus Infusion!”

Ocrevus Infusion Day!

Two days ago I received my third full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to report, as expected, all went well! In case you are new to my blog, I am a person living with multiple sclerosis, and since my diagnosis in 2014, I have been on Tecfidera and Gilenya. In the late winterContinue reading “Ocrevus Infusion Day!”

Ocrevus Infusion Day

Today marks my second full dose of Ocrevus, and given all that it has done for me already, I look forward to it continuing to keep my multiple sclerosis stable and (maybe?) provide me with even more benefits! The week before beginning my first dose of Ocrevus one year ago, I was unsteady with myContinue reading “Ocrevus Infusion Day”

Common Questions About Ocrevus

Starting any new treatment is always scary, and hesitation is completely understandable. I hope that through this post I can answer the most frequently asked questions about Ocrevus and potentially calm someone‚Äôs nerves as a person who has received the infusion three times now. I am not a doctor or a nurse, and I doContinue reading “Common Questions About Ocrevus”

What Does an Ocrevus Treatment Look Like?

What is Ocrevus? Ocrevus is a form of medication/treatment prescribed by your multiple sclerosis specialist or neurologist. Its goal is to deplete a number of B-cells, which would result in fewer relapses and slowing of the progression of MS. Ocrevus is given twice each year through an IV infusion. This has been a successful andContinue reading “What Does an Ocrevus Treatment Look Like?”

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