Available Books By Kristen Dutkiewicz

Books by Kristen Dutkiewicz

1 . Olivia (2022)

Current Rating on Amazon: 5 Stars!


Olivia was Carly’s childhood best friend, but like most friendships, they had their ups and downs, ultimately leading to a devastating end.

Ten years after graduating high school, Carly is preparing to marry Ben and start their lives together. Carly spent years letting go of Olivia and moving on with her life, but with true happiness finally in Carly’s reach, Olivia seems to be resurfacing.

Nobody likes to be forgotten. Especially not Olivia.

With the wedding only days away and new truths unraveling, Carly must confront her past, and Ben must decide whether Carly is still his future.

An ending that will make you question everything you just read!

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2. All the Stages (2021)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Stars!


Every romantic relationship can be broken down primarily into six stages.

This is the love story of Alaina Hall and Billy Mulligan, a couple who experienced all the stages.

Alaina first met Billy when he transferred to her elementary school, and while it took a few years to solidify their relationship, once they began dating, it was pure bliss.

But no one is perfect.

After high school, Billy and Alaina attended different colleges. Late one night, Alaina was awoken to a phone call from Billy, in which he said three little words: “I messed up.”

Spoiler: This is not the ending to the story.

Every story must come to an end, though… What will be their ending?

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3. The Westworth Women (2021)

Current Rating on Amazon: 5 Stars!
Coming of age romance

Description: Audrey Westworth thinks her summer is over when her mom makes her go to her grandmother’s house for the duration of her summer vacation after receiving a track injury, but Audrey learns many invaluable and unexpected lessons during her stay.

And just who is that cute boy visiting her grandmother’s neighbor anyway?

Told through the generations and varying points of view of the Westworth women, readers will learn about mothers and daughters and the unbreakable bond they share.

This is a book that will make you want to run to the phone and call your mom.

“This book was captivating from beginning to end. My only wish is that it had been longer.” – Amazon Review

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4. The Texts From Last Night (2021)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Stars!

Description: Stefanie Simons stared down at the text messages in disbelief. She had no idea what they were in reference to.

What had been so crazy about the night before?

She remembered getting drinks with her friends.

She remembered dancing.

She remembered the guy at the bar.

She remembered saying good night.

But why was she drawing a blank on the rest of the details?

A sudden flashback struck Stefanie… The sound of police sirens. Someone shouting her name. Her hands trembling…

Covered in blood.

Who exactly was the guy at the bar, and what happened between them at the end of the night?

There’s a reason your mom always warned you not to talk to strangers.

This was such great short story. I was hooked the whole time. I cried somewhere around halfway. The ending was a typical thriller, “OMG” moment. Great tips at the end for real life safety. Enjoyed the quick read.” – Amazon Review

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5. The Clover Girls (2021)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4 Stars!
Coming of age fiction

Description: Calling fans of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Now and Then!

Follow Zoey, Catherine, Allison, and Valerie as they survive their high school years, marriages, careers, and life choices, all while having each other to lean on.

People and plans have a funny way of changing with time.

Told from alternating timelines, readers will get to know all four characters on an intimate level and soon feel like they have been their personal friends for years.

We all grow up, but do we have to grow apart?

Some friendships are meant to last, through all the ups and downs, and this is one of those friendships.

“A compelling and heartfelt story about friendship and all that entails!” – Amazon review

Click HERE for an excerpt from The Clover Girls!

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6. When Opposites Attract (2021)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars!
Hot Romance!

She was at the Florida hotel for the Mindfulness-Based Spiritual Retreat.

He was there for a work meeting with a prospective client.

Never having met before, they are suddenly pretending to be newlyweds. It was just supposed to be for a game. It was only going to last three hours. This was never meant to be real.

Hazel and Lincoln have nothing in common, but quickly discover their attraction for each other might be all they need.

Could this make-believe marriage be the start of a true relationship?

If you are looking for a short-read romance to make you smile, this is the book for you!

“This was such a fun, cute, quick love story!” – Amazon Review

Click HERE to read an excerpt from When Opposites Attract!

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7. The Contestants (2020)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars!
A thriller

Description: If you are interested in a fun, thrilling short story that you can start and finish in the same day, then look no further!

Seven millennials were selected to be contestants on a new reality show, “Troublemaker.” Forced to spend two weeks together in a cabin in the woods with no forms of technology, it seems simple enough. No one gives millennials enough credit!

The twist is one of them will be selected to be “the troublemaker” and will be playing practical jokes on the other contestants the whole time. Any contestant who lasts the full two weeks and figures out the troublemaker wins fifty thousand dollars!

What no one was expecting was that there would be a lot more than a troublemaker in their midst. What if someone is out for a lot more than harmless pranks? Which of these millennials will survive when their numbers begin dwindling one by one?

“The author provides us with the perfect blend of imagination, characters, mystery, suspense and romance.” – Amazon review

Click HERE for an excerpt from The Contestants!

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8. You Don’t Look Sick: My Journey With an Invisible Illness (2020)

Current Rating on Amazon: 4.8 stars!
Memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis


In 2014, Kristen’s world flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while working as a Kindergarten teacher in her mid-twenties.

Through this book, join her as she finds her path to health and journey to living the best life possible! Included with her personal story of how she was finally put on the proper medication are ten words of advice for those living with MS, more details about this autoimmune diseases, and suggestions for what not to say to people with invisible illnesses.

This is a personal and TRUE story told from a girl who survived a tough year of fighting for the right to be treated.

“My world has just expanded! It must have been an empowering, scary, exciting experience for her to write.” – Amazon review

Click HERE for an excerpt from You Don’t Look Sick and to learn more about MS.

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9. Adulting (2020)

Current rating on Amazon: 4.6 stars!
New Adult

Dylan Nielson has everything on track for the perfect adulthood. At twenty-four years old, she lives in an apartment with her boyfriend, was just hired to be a first grade teacher, and has the best best friend a girl could ask for. Everything in her life is falling into place!

Until everything falls apart when she faces an unexpected break-up with her boyfriend.

Dylan needs to learn to love herself and realizes she still has people who are there for her.

“A great short read that really nails how unpredictable life can be, how it takes a village to support each other through the hard times, and what it feels like to grow up.” – Amazon review

Click HERE to read an excerpt from Adulting!

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Holding my first ever paperback copies of my self-published works!
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