Multiple Sclerosis Updates

My last blog post regarding my MS was a couple weeks ago at this point, and I wrote about My Ocrevus Infusion. Everything went well, I felt great following the infusion, and now, about two and a half weeks later, it is almost as if I can forget I even have multiple sclerosis some days!

But, despite how I may feel and look, I DO have MS, so I must keep up with my appointments.

Waiting to be seen by my MS specialist

Earlier this week, I had my follow-up with my MS specialist, and, after reviewing my scans, he commented my MRIs are continuing to show improvement with no worsening lesions, and even some that are shrinking!

After doing the exam, he said I look great, and, if I stay the course with Ocrevus, I should have very little concern regarding a relapse.

Hallelujah, am I right?!

So what’s next?

Good question, because keeping up with your doctor appointments is just one piece of the puzzle.

Next month, I will be going for my MRI scans and routine bloodwork.

Then come March, I will receive another Ocrevus infusion.

Lastly, in April I already have my next appointment with my specialist scheduled.

It might sound like a lot, but it’s not that bad. As long as I am staying healthy and getting good reports, I will keep up with the “MS Schedule,” as I call it with routine labs and appointments.

I am just so grateful each and every day that I am doing well.

I got this.


Yes, my MS is in remission, and this is wonderful.

Waiting for physical therapy for my shoulder

However, other things can always go wrong at any time, and this is what happened.

Apparently a couple months ago, I tore something in my right shoulder, and because it is natural instinct to nurse an injury and use that joint/muscle as least as possible to kind of protect it, I developed something known as “frozen shoulder.”

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis, and basically it’s a condition where you have extreme stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint.

It is so stiff I literally can’t reach my right arm overhead or bend it to reach my lower back.

The most I can do is bend my elbow up and down without problem and extend it straight out in front of me.

So now you may be wondering what the treatment is going forward: The answer is lots and LOTS of physical therapy along with moves I have to complete at least three times per day at home.

I have already had one PT session and go for my following two next week, and I will be sure to keep everyone updated!

Question: Anyone else ever experience frozen shoulder? How long did it take to heal?


If multiple sclerosis is still a new condition to you, visit my post Ten Facts About Multiple Sclerosis.

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Stay strong. Stay healthy.

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I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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