September Writing Prompts: Day 2

I started my September writing prompts yesterday (CLICK HERE to go back a day!), and I loved being able to develop some more of my skills and try to clear my mind before tackling my upcoming work in progress. Today is a new day, so let’s dive right in! Writing Prompt 2: At that moment,Continue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 2”

September Writing Prompts: Day 1

In February of this year, in order to continue practicing the craft of writing, I did 25 Days of Writing Prompts. Now that it’s been a few months, I decided to go back to some writing practice, just to keep the ideas flowing! My goal is to do one per day during the month ofContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 1”

One Year Writing Anniversary

This week I am celebrating my one year anniversary of publishing my first book! And, on a similar note, it was exactly ten months ago, I started my blog. Considering, it is an anniversary, let’s do a free book deal of my first ever published work! The Contestants by Kristen Dutkiewicz will be FREE thisContinue reading “One Year Writing Anniversary”

How I Write Books

I’ll be honest: I received no formal schooling or training in writing beyond high school. And yet, I have five published works available on Amazon! How? Why? Seriously? Seriously. I love reading, and I love writing. Life is short. I want to share what I love with the world, and why should I let aContinue reading “How I Write Books”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 25

Happy Friday! This is it! I have reached the final day of my writing prompt challenge, and I have really valued the consistency of knowing I had a topic to write about each day. Thank you if you have been one of my followers reading since the beginning or if you just happened to popContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 25”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 24

I seriously cannot believe tomorrow is the final day of my writing prompt challenge! How did twenty-five days go by so fast? Looking at today’s prompt, I was excited to dive in because it’s back to story-telling again, and I love making up my own stories! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to come backContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 24”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 23

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week and only a few days left of this batch of writing prompts! I will probably be devoting most of March to writing my next fiction piece, The Clover Girls, but this experience with daily writing prompts had been fun! Writing Prompt Day Twenty Three: Describe a time whenContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 23”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 22

Has everyone heard about Ashley Judd’s accident while visiting the jungle? She basically shattered her leg in the African jungle and it took over fifty-five hours before she reached the end of the ordeal. Thankfully, she is doing okay. The story has just been on my mind as I start today’s prompt. Writing Prompt NumberContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 22”

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