Finding Success With Kindle Vella

If you are a writer new to Kindle Vella, a writer who has never even heard of Kindle Vella, OR a writer still making your mark on the platform, you have come to the right place! Exactly three months ago to the day, I decided to take the leap and, after a full year ofContinue reading “Finding Success With Kindle Vella”

Introducing My Kindle Vella Works

I am just shy of my one month anniversary with Kindle Vella, and I thought this would be the ideal time to revisit Kindle Vella and what I have accomplished over the past 27 days! If you are completely new to Kindle Vella, you may want to check out my previous post, What Is KindleContinue reading “Introducing My Kindle Vella Works”

What Is Kindle Vella?

If you have never heard of Kindle Vella, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Kindle Vella was just launched in July of this past year, so it is definitely still new. Let’s break down what is special about Kindle Vella. What Exactly IS Kindle Vella? Kindle Vella is a new serialized reading platform in which booksContinue reading “What Is Kindle Vella?”

Five Questions I Get Asked as an Indie Author

In the summer of 2020, I decided to make the leap and begin my journey into writing. So I composed my first novella. As I typed every author’s two favorite words, “The End,” I thought… Now what? Instead of going the traditional course, I took the route of self-publishing. Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, IContinue reading “Five Questions I Get Asked as an Indie Author”

All the Stages: Release Day!

The time has finally come! It is release day for the ultimate love story, All the Stages! CLICK HERE to buy in paperback or download for Kindle TODAY! All the Stages is also FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Book Description: Every romantic relationship can be broken down primarily into six stages. This is the love storyContinue reading “All the Stages: Release Day!”

September Writing Prompts: Day 18

Good-bye September! Until we meet again! Since today will be the last day of my writing prompts, (considering they are titled SEPTEMBER Writing Prompts), I wanted to select one that would get all of us in the spirit for the season that is about to be upon us! Yesterday’s writing prompt was probably my mostContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 18”

September Writing Prompts: Day 16

Clearly if you follow my blog you may have noticed I missed a writing prompt yesterday. Boy have I been busy!! I had a sports medicine appointment yesterday morning for a tear in my right shoulder and then a follow-up with my neurologist for my MS this afternoon. Expect a blog post about both experiencesContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 16”

September Writing Prompts: Day 15

We made it through another week! Hope everyone is ready for a happy Friday and a great weekend. And guess what: I am hosting a 99 cent book sale on Amazon!  ALL of my books are only 99 cents each! Now, that’s a deal! So maybe this should be the weekend you check out aContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 15”

September Writing Prompts: Day 14

Happy Friday Eve! I am seriously having the best time with these writing prompts and getting so many good ideas. I think writing using all these different starting ideas has really helped keep my creative juices flowing! Enjoy. Writing Prompt 14: When nobody was around Serena watched the ballerinas in awe as they performed atContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 14”

September Writing Prompts: Day 13

Happy Tuesday, world! I had the BEST time coming up with an idea for today’s writing prompt. Sometimes it is just fun to write something light and easy. Hope this one gives you a smile! Miss yesterday’s writing prompt? No worries! Just CLICK HERE to go back one day! Writing Prompt 13: Hiding in theContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 13”

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