September Writing Prompts: Day 7

Another week has come and gone. Happy Friday, everyone! What better way to spend a Friday than writing? Yesterday’s prompt was on the spookier side, so I am excited to get writing today, because I took this one in a silly direction! If you are interested in yesterday’s prompt, CLICK HERE. If you want toContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 7”

September Writing Prompts: Day 5

It’s already Hump Day! Hopefully you are having a good week, and if not, maybe this writing prompt will give you a little smile! It is no secret I love Marvel movies, so I thought we could have a little fun with today’s writing prompt. Hope you enjoy even if you are not into superheroesContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 5”

September Writing Prompts: Day 3

Happy Friday! Only three days in to this round of writing prompts, but I am continuing to enjoy the idea of facing a new topic each day. It is really fun composing simple short stories, and I hope you are enjoying reading them! To go back a day, CLICK HERE. Writing Prompt 3: Staring atContinue reading “September Writing Prompts: Day 3”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 25

Happy Friday! This is it! I have reached the final day of my writing prompt challenge, and I have really valued the consistency of knowing I had a topic to write about each day. Thank you if you have been one of my followers reading since the beginning or if you just happened to popContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 25”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 2

It’s a rainy day in Philadelphia, which makes perfect weather for writing! Let’s get started! Writing Prompt Number Two: Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleeping A Sleepless Night It’s hard to believe, but one year ago today, I was experiencing one of the worst times of my life. AfterContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 2”

25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 1

In order to become the best writer I can be, I need to practice! I remember through elementary school, middle school, and even parts of high school, we were given prompts for daily writing activities. We were always encouraged to just “let your ideas flow” and “see where the story takes you.” Now, even thoughContinue reading “25 Days of Writing Prompts Day 1”

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