More Kindle Vella Romance Reads

Last week, I created a post introducing some spectacular romance reads on Amazon’s new episodic reading platform, Kindle Vella, in my post, “Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella” – Read it by clicking here now! – And since then, I have discovered even MORE romance vellas worth sharing. Kindle Vella offers the first threeContinue reading “More Kindle Vella Romance Reads”

Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella Romance

First things first… Have you heard of Amazon’s latest episodic reading platform, Kindle Vella? Yes = Awesome!! Keep scrolling to find some AMAZING romance reads! Not yet = That’s okay! CLICK HERE for my post where I discuss What is Kindle Vella? Writing for Kindle Vella Well it didn’t take long for me to becomeContinue reading “Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella Romance”

My April Reads

April showers bring May flowers, and it turns out April also brings crazy hot temperatures in 2022! We are experiencing a real feel of 85 today, and it is only halfway through April! You know what this means, though? It’s time to sit in the air conditioning and curl up with a good book. JustContinue reading “My April Reads”

My December Reads

It’s that magical time of the month again! Time to share my most recent reads, and I cannot wait to get started! I have been busy getting ready for the holidays and also trying to promote my VERY SPECIAL book sales right now. All are featured at only $0.99 each for the ENTIRE month ofContinue reading “My December Reads”

My October Reads

It’s the happiest month of the year, because we can begin the official countdown to Halloween! Anyone else have their Halloween decorations up and ready yet? When I’m not watching spooky movies or decorating for my favorite holiday, I, of course, am READING! If you’re only looking for a book to scare, check out myContinue reading “My October Reads”

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