The Twelve Book Challenge

Let’s be honest – I will certainly be reading more than twelve books this year. According to Good Reads, in 2021, I read 151 books. While writing five of my own. However, I am never one to say no to a challenge so when I saw the Twelve Book Challenge pop up on Instagram, IContinue reading “The Twelve Book Challenge”

All the Stages: Release Day!

The time has finally come! It is release day for the ultimate love story, All the Stages! CLICK HERE to buy in paperback or download for Kindle TODAY! All the Stages is also FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Book Description: Every romantic relationship can be broken down primarily into six stages. This is the love storyContinue reading “All the Stages: Release Day!”

Upcoming September Reads

My TBR list is never (ever) ending, and NetGalley makes it even harder to narrow down which books I should be reading on a given month. All of the following books will be courtesy of NetGalley, and I am also providing a given synopsis along with anticipated release dates. After I finish each one, ofContinue reading “Upcoming September Reads”

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