Olivia: Exclusive Book Excerpt

I am beyond thrilled to finally be announcing Olivia is now available on Amazon! At this time, Olivia, a suspense/mystery/thriller, can be purchased in paperback and hardback, or you can pre-order for Kindle, which will be going live this Friday! CLICK HERE to get your copy today! What’s It About? Olivia was Carly’s childhood bestContinue reading “Olivia: Exclusive Book Excerpt”

All the Stages: Book Preview

My latest romance novella is now available in paperback on Amazon! You can also pre-order All the Stages for Kindle. It will go live November 18, 2021! CLICK HERE to purchase the paperback or pre-order the eBook! What is All the Stages About? Every romantic relationship can be broken down primarily into six stages. ThisContinue reading “All the Stages: Book Preview”

New Release: The Westworth Women

Free with Kindle Unlimited! Today is the first day my latest novella, The Westworth Women is LIVE on Amazon! Description (taken from Amazon) “I really thought this would be the summer I remembered as losing my future, but it’s the summer I gained my past.” Audrey Westworth thinks her summer is over when her momContinue reading “New Release: The Westworth Women”

The Westworth Women Book Preview

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: My seventh novella, The Westworth Women is now available on Amazon! CLICK HERE to order for Kindle today! What’s It About? Audrey Westworth thinks her summer is over when her mom makes her go to her grandmother’s house for the duration of her summer vacation after receiving a track injury, but Audrey learnsContinue reading “The Westworth Women Book Preview”

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