My April Reads

April showers bring May flowers, and it turns out April also brings crazy hot temperatures in 2022! We are experiencing a real feel of 85 today, and it is only halfway through April! You know what this means, though? It’s time to sit in the air conditioning and curl up with a good book. JustContinue reading “My April Reads”

Upcoming September Reads

My TBR list is never (ever) ending, and NetGalley makes it even harder to narrow down which books I should be reading on a given month. All of the following books will be courtesy of NetGalley, and I am also providing a given synopsis along with anticipated release dates. After I finish each one, ofContinue reading “Upcoming September Reads”

Upcoming Book Releases and Reviews

Advanced Reader Copies are all courtesy of NetGalley and were provided in exchange for honest reviews. Please check out my latest completed books and add them to your TBR list as soon as you can! My shelf on NetGalley currently has over one dozen books, so I will be reading and reviewing as much asContinue reading “Upcoming Book Releases and Reviews”

Upcoming Book Releases

Yesterday, I created a blog post about My July Reads (check it out here!), and today, I would like to share what else I have been reading this month. The following are all soon-to-be-released books that should definitely be added to your current TBR lists! Advanced Readers Copies courtesy of NetGalley. If you are stillContinue reading “Upcoming Book Releases”

What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is a way for readers to help authors and publishers by reviewing and promoting upcoming book releases. Readers can request or select certain books available in all different genres. Any reader is welcome to use NetGalley, and it is 100% FREE! There are plenty of books readily available to download and read. When requestingContinue reading “What is NetGalley?”

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