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FREE Book Deal!

Mystical Missy and Her Life of Magical Events is 100% FREE to own for Kindle through midnight on Thursday, May 4th only! Hurry and grab your copy before it’s too late! CLICK HERE to get Mystical Missy right NOW! Story Description: Missy never asked to have magical powers, but when she survived a fire asContinue reading “FREE Book Deal!”

FREE Stories on Amazon’s Kindle Vella

October 5 – October 11 only! Rewind… Let’s start at the beginning. What is Kindle Vella? (If you’ve already heard of Kindle Vella and are familiar with the platform, just keep scrolling past this section!) Kindle Vella is an Amazon platform where authors have the opportunity to share their stories with their readers one episodeContinue reading “FREE Stories on Amazon’s Kindle Vella”

Reading with Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s latest episodic reading platform, and summer seems like the perfect time to get started with a new book! As a reader and author for Kindle Vella, I can assure you there is a work for every reader here. All the genres are covered, and it is such a fun and uniqueContinue reading “Reading with Kindle Vella”

Even More Kindle Vella Romance Reads

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s new episodic reading platform and is gaining more authors and readers by the minute! Because of its success, this will be my THIRD post highlighting romance books currently available through Kindle Vella! Continue scrolling to find the one (or two or three!) that is best for you. Keep in mind, whenContinue reading “Even More Kindle Vella Romance Reads”

More Kindle Vella Romance Reads

Last week, I created a post introducing some spectacular romance reads on Amazon’s new episodic reading platform, Kindle Vella, in my post, “Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella” – Read it by clicking here now! – And since then, I have discovered even MORE romance vellas worth sharing. Kindle Vella offers the first threeContinue reading “More Kindle Vella Romance Reads”

Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella Romance

First things first… Have you heard of Amazon’s latest episodic reading platform, Kindle Vella? Yes = Awesome!! Keep scrolling to find some AMAZING romance reads! Not yet = That’s okay! CLICK HERE for my post where I discuss What is Kindle Vella? Writing for Kindle Vella Well it didn’t take long for me to becomeContinue reading “Fall in Love with a Kindle Vella Romance”

Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited

About six weeks ago, I began my journey with Amazon’s new serialized reading platform, Kindle Vella, and have been very fortunate in that I have readers following me on this new writing journey! To read more about Kindle Vella, CLICK HERE to read my blog post where I explain how Vella works. However, I acknowledgeContinue reading “Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited”

December Book Sale! All Works Only $0.99 to OWN for Kindle!

Yes, you read that correctly! And it is TRUE! All works by Kristen Dutkiewicz will be available to OWN for only NINETY NINE CENTS for Kindle for the entire month of December. They are all also FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Find one that interests a close friend or a loved one? They are all availableContinue reading “December Book Sale! All Works Only $0.99 to OWN for Kindle!”

FREE Book Deal!

BREAKING NEWS! When Opposites Attract, a romance novella, will be featured for FREE on Amazon for a LIMITED TIME to download for Kindle! Who doesn’t love a FREE deal? CLICK HERE to download When Opposites Attract for FREE! Also available in paperback! What’s It About? (synopsis as provided to Amazon) She was at the FloridaContinue reading “FREE Book Deal!”