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Kindle Vella One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe but one year ago today I released my first episode with Amazon’s Kindle Vella! While Kindle Vella is still rather new, one year ago, it was almost unheard of. Having already published works with Kindle Direct Publishing, I saw this teeny tiny option at the top of the page to “Manage KindleContinue reading “Kindle Vella One Year Anniversary”

Kindle Vella Madness

In the spirit of March Madness, a tournament was also started for Kindle Vella enthusiasts to vote for their favorites in four pre-selected genres. Voting occurs daily through April 1st when a winner will be announced! I’m Still Me I am fortunate enough to have my romance/medical drama selected as one of the nominees inContinue reading “Kindle Vella Madness”

Nonfiction Works on Kindle Vella

Did you know I have FIVE nonfiction works currently available on the Kindle Vella platform? And psst… If you are still new to Kindle Vella, you can check them out and feel free to read the first three episodes of each one 100% for FREE! So what have I written about? Number One: Living WithContinue reading “Nonfiction Works on Kindle Vella”

FREE Stories on Amazon’s Kindle Vella

October 5 – October 11 only! Rewind… Let’s start at the beginning. What is Kindle Vella? (If you’ve already heard of Kindle Vella and are familiar with the platform, just keep scrolling past this section!) Kindle Vella is an Amazon platform where authors have the opportunity to share their stories with their readers one episodeContinue reading “FREE Stories on Amazon’s Kindle Vella”

Finding Success With Kindle Vella

If you are a writer new to Kindle Vella, a writer who has never even heard of Kindle Vella, OR a writer still making your mark on the platform, you have come to the right place! Exactly three months ago to the day, I decided to take the leap and, after a full year ofContinue reading “Finding Success With Kindle Vella”