Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited

About six weeks ago, I began my journey with Amazon’s new serialized reading platform, Kindle Vella, and have been very fortunate in that I have readers following me on this new writing journey! To read more about Kindle Vella, CLICK HERE to read my blog post where I explain how Vella works. However, I acknowledgeContinue reading “Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited”

December Book Sale! All Works Only $0.99 to OWN for Kindle!

Yes, you read that correctly! And it is TRUE! All works by Kristen Dutkiewicz will be available to OWN for only NINETY NINE CENTS for Kindle for the entire month of December. They are all also FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Find one that interests a close friend or a loved one? They are all availableContinue reading “December Book Sale! All Works Only $0.99 to OWN for Kindle!”

1,000 Blog Likes Later…

First off, Happy April Fools Day! If I’m being honest,  these past couple of years, I have not quite been in the mood to be a part of April Fools pranks. So, I’d rather focus on Easter weekend and my upcoming birthday! Only ten days away! A fantastic early birthday gift was seeing that IContinue reading “1,000 Blog Likes Later…”

3 Month Blog Anniversary

Three months has already passed by since I first decided to start my blog. I had three reasons behind my desire to blog: Practice writing. Promote my books. Raise multiple sclerosis awareness. I hope this site was able to help someone out there, whether it was from writing advice, maybe a poem I shared, orContinue reading “3 Month Blog Anniversary”

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