Reflecting on a (Slightly) Normal Halloween

It’s been a few days since Halloween, 2021, and given a chance to reflect, I can say I am sufficiently satisfied with this year. Last year, I wrote a post about how Halloween was different – Check out A Different Kind of Halloween by clicking HERE – and I had mentioned how I hoped thisContinue reading “Reflecting on a (Slightly) Normal Halloween”

Halloween Week Book Sales!

Who else is excited that we are officially less than one week from Halloween? I know I am! It is no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I decided it would only be fair to offer some book sales so good, they’re scary! For a limited time, ALL of my works are onContinue reading “Halloween Week Book Sales!”

Thrillers That Will Keep You Turning the Pages!

Halloween is just a few weeks away which means all us avid readers are searching for the perfect book to keep us up late at night! Some of the following books will have you sleeping with the lights on, while others will simply have you wanting to go back to page one to start allContinue reading “Thrillers That Will Keep You Turning the Pages!”

A Different Kind of Halloween

2020 has been unlike any year any of us have experienced. Due to the coronavirus, this was also a very different Halloween. I always look forward to Halloween. I love scary movies, passing out candy and seeing all the different types of costumes. So while I did watch A Nightmare on Elm Street for Halloween,Continue reading “A Different Kind of Halloween”

Scary Movie/Book Pet Peeves

At this point in my life, I have seen countless amounts of scary movies, and now as a self-published author, I have also read several horror books for research! What I have found, whether watching or reading something scary, is there are definitely aspects of both that never fail to annoy me. In honor ofContinue reading “Scary Movie/Book Pet Peeves”

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