I Received My Covid Booster!

I am officially fully vaccinated! Last week, I received my booster shot, and I am full of comfort knowing I am doing my part to stop the spread and bring us all one step closer to the end of this pandemic. I have been tracking my full vaccination journey, and if anyone would care toContinue reading “I Received My Covid Booster!”

The Holidays in 2021

First, let me wish everyone a (belated!) happy new year! Here’s to 2022 being even better than 2021. We can do it! When I prepared my post one year ago about Christmas, the pandemic was still pretty new, and no one really knew how to stay safe yet besides keeping their distance from others. CLICKContinue reading “The Holidays in 2021”

Reflecting on a (Slightly) Normal Halloween

It’s been a few days since Halloween, 2021, and given a chance to reflect, I can say I am sufficiently satisfied with this year. Last year, I wrote a post about how Halloween was different – Check out A Different Kind of Halloween by clicking HERE – and I had mentioned how I hoped thisContinue reading “Reflecting on a (Slightly) Normal Halloween”

I Received My Second Vaccination!

I’m vaccinated! On Tuesday afternoon, I went for my second and final vaccine, and It feels so good to know my two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are done and behind me now. Why did I wait to receive the vaccine? You may want to check out my first article, I Received My First VaccinationContinue reading “I Received My Second Vaccination!”

I Received My First Vaccination!

Finally! In the afternoon two days ago I was finally able to receive the vaccination against Covid-19. Having multiple sclerosis, I was not really sure if I would feel any side effects, because I have heard mixed reactions from the MS community. How did I feel after the first dose? The evening following receiving theContinue reading “I Received My First Vaccination!”

A Different Kind of Halloween

2020 has been unlike any year any of us have experienced. Due to the coronavirus, this was also a very different Halloween. I always look forward to Halloween. I love scary movies, passing out candy and seeing all the different types of costumes. So while I did watch A Nightmare on Elm Street for Halloween,Continue reading “A Different Kind of Halloween”

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