Brain On Fire: Why This Book is a Forever Favorite

You may have been scrolling on Netflix and seen a movie titled “Brain On Fire…” Or you may have seen it listed as available on your Libby app… Before we get started, let’s go over the basics. What is Brain On Fire about? The Book Description Susannah Cahalan was an everyday girl, living in NewContinue reading “Brain On Fire: Why This Book is a Forever Favorite”

National Book Lovers Day

In honor of today being National Book Lovers Day, I knew I had to make a post specific to this holiday! 10 of the Best Children’s Books for Self-Awareness Because there are much more than ten available, so this is just the first of other potential blog posts! What is self-awareness? We all know itContinue reading “National Book Lovers Day”

Adulting Preview 2

I had originally released a more fun look at Adulting HERE , but I wanted to show a more serious look at my latest new release of this chick lit! Adulting Book Excerpt (Below is an excerpt from Adulting by Kristen Dutkiewicz) “So are we talking about what happened or are we just eating ice-creamContinue reading “Adulting Preview 2”

You Don’t Look Sick Preview

(Below is an excerpt from You Don’t Look Sick) Throughout this book, I included bits of advice for those living with multiple sclerosis, but now I would like to share some advice for those who interact with people with MS. Everyone is different and responds differently to what is said to them. Even though someoneContinue reading “You Don’t Look Sick Preview”

How to Keep Track of Your Books

If you are like me, you read a lot of books! I believe my total count is just over 800 books (since I started logging!) I have undoubtedly read even more, but just did not used to keep track. Were you ever in the position where you picked up a book, were all ready toContinue reading “How to Keep Track of Your Books”

The Contestants Preview

Please enjoy this preview of The Contestants, my first ever novella, below! (Excerpt from The Contestants) Self-consciously looking at her reflection using her cell phone camera, Maddison Jacobs pulled her long, straight brown hair over her left shoulder and tapped the side car door to signify she was ready to step out. The door unlocked,Continue reading “The Contestants Preview”

Adulting Preview

In honor of Adulting being released today in paperback form, I am selecting a fun excerpt from my book to share! Newly hired as a first grade teacher, Dylan Nielson never knows what to expect when facing her students for a lesson. (Excerpt from Adulting below) That Monday, I walked into my classroom with twoContinue reading “Adulting Preview”

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