An Unusual Blogging Milestone

“You’ve received 1,337 likes on Kristen Dutkiewicz.” When checking my blog this morning for any missed comments and likes, I noticed a unique milestone load in my notifications. I had officially received 1,337 likes. Not too long ago, I received the 1,000 likes, and you can check out that blog post by clicking HERE. InContinue reading “An Unusual Blogging Milestone”

One Year Writing Anniversary

This week I am celebrating my one year anniversary of publishing my first book! And, on a similar note, it was exactly ten months ago, I started my blog. Considering, it is an anniversary, let’s do a free book deal of my first ever published work! The Contestants by Kristen Dutkiewicz will be FREE thisContinue reading “One Year Writing Anniversary”

1,000 Blog Likes Later…

First off, Happy April Fools Day! If I’m being honest,  these past couple of years, I have not quite been in the mood to be a part of April Fools pranks. So, I’d rather focus on Easter weekend and my upcoming birthday! Only ten days away! A fantastic early birthday gift was seeing that IContinue reading “1,000 Blog Likes Later…”

100th Blog Post!

Reaching one hundred blog posts is certainly something to celebrate! One of the reasons I began this blog was really as a way to get my name out there and encourage people to read my books! As an avid reader, I’m always judging other people’s works, and people frequently used to ask me, “How comeContinue reading “100th Blog Post!”

Best of the Blog

A Reflection on Blogging I started my blog four months ago and basically was just looking for an outlet. A place to share my thoughts, practice writing, promote books (both mine along with books in general), and, of course, continue spreading multiple sclerosis awareness.  I have reached over ninety posts, and while some are undoubtedlyContinue reading “Best of the Blog”

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