Another Ocrevus Infusion!

Yesterday, I had my fourth full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to say I have been feeling well ever since my first half doses back in March, 2020! I am forever grateful to this incredible medication. If this is your first time, visiting my blog, let’s talk a bit about Ocrevus. (If you’reContinue reading “Another Ocrevus Infusion!”

I Received My Covid Booster!

I am officially fully vaccinated! Last week, I received my booster shot, and I am full of comfort knowing I am doing my part to stop the spread and bring us all one step closer to the end of this pandemic. I have been tracking my full vaccination journey, and if anyone would care toContinue reading “I Received My Covid Booster!”

Multiple Sclerosis Updates

My last blog post regarding my MS was a couple weeks ago at this point, and I wrote about My Ocrevus Infusion. Everything went well, I felt great following the infusion, and now, about two and a half weeks later, it is almost as if I can forget I even have multiple sclerosis some days!Continue reading “Multiple Sclerosis Updates”

Ocrevus Infusion Day!

Two days ago I received my third full Ocrevus infusion, and I am so happy to report, as expected, all went well! In case you are new to my blog, I am a person living with multiple sclerosis, and since my diagnosis in 2014, I have been on Tecfidera and Gilenya. In the late winterContinue reading “Ocrevus Infusion Day!”

I Received My Second Vaccination!

I’m vaccinated! On Tuesday afternoon, I went for my second and final vaccine, and It feels so good to know my two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are done and behind me now. Why did I wait to receive the vaccine? You may want to check out my first article, I Received My First VaccinationContinue reading “I Received My Second Vaccination!”

I Received My First Vaccination!

Finally! In the afternoon two days ago I was finally able to receive the vaccination against Covid-19. Having multiple sclerosis, I was not really sure if I would feel any side effects, because I have heard mixed reactions from the MS community. How did I feel after the first dose? The evening following receiving theContinue reading “I Received My First Vaccination!”

Ten Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

Today marks the final day of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and since spreading awareness was one of the goals of starting this blog, it is only right that I create a post with some facts. Because you never know what you don’t know until you know. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects approximately 2.8 million people aroundContinue reading “Ten Facts About Multiple Sclerosis”

Ocrevus Infusion Day

Today marks my second full dose of Ocrevus, and given all that it has done for me already, I look forward to it continuing to keep my multiple sclerosis stable and (maybe?) provide me with even more benefits! The week before beginning my first dose of Ocrevus one year ago, I was unsteady with myContinue reading “Ocrevus Infusion Day”

Poem 16

It’s been a minute since I wrote a poem, but Multiple Sclerosis Week has inspired me to share some thoughts. The following poem is unedited and was just me getting all of my words down without stopping to second guess myself. Please read with an open mind. Invisible Illness “You look fine.” But no oneContinue reading “Poem 16”

FREE Book for a Limited Time Only!

You Don’t Look Sick is FREE for Kindle Through Friday ONLY! In honor Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, I am offering my short-read memoir 100% FREE for Kindle through Friday only! Meant to inspire, join me on my path to wellness and happiness as I overcome the battles of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, treatment and livingContinue reading “FREE Book for a Limited Time Only!”

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