Reading with Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s latest episodic reading platform, and summer seems like the perfect time to get started with a new book!

As a reader and author for Kindle Vella, I can assure you there is a work for every reader here. All the genres are covered, and it is such a fun and unique experience.

I already devoted some blog posts to Kindle Vella romance works, and now it is time to showcase a MIX of genres currently available on Kindle Vella.

Let’s get started with your reading choices!

Genre: Fantasy!

Mystical Missy and Her Life of Magical Events by Kristen Dutkiewicz

Yes, I am featuring one of my works as the first pick on this post, but, there is a reason!

There are only TWO episodes left until the finale, and I want you caught up in time!

Mystical Missy

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: Missy never asked to have magical powers, but when she survived a fire as a baby, with no burns or marks, this was only the start of her magical abilities. Follow the journey of mystical Missy as she discovers a new power each year of her magical life.

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And a very different type of fantasy…

Boots of the Oppressor by Michael Lloyd

Boots of the Oppressor

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: The baker’s son lived a carefree life with his love, until everything was savagely ripped away from him. The leader of the rebel forces was constantly on the run, in search of a way to save his people. The disgraced army captain hoped to capture the one man that slipped through his grasp and rekindle his career. Now each man holds a piece of the key, and the decisions they make will echo through the history of Eastmire for generations.

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Genre: Thriller/Suspense!

Assassin School by Julie C Gilbert

Assassin School

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: Cassandra’s a Ghost. (Spy Ghost not spooky ghost.) Her parents are spies. The government has been mother, father, and guardian for her as long as she can remember. Now, it’s ready to be teacher as well, but can it truly turn her into a killer? Season 1 Complete! (Episodes 1-21) Season 2 Releasing Fridays starting 4/15/22.

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Genre: Mystery!

Beach Reaper by  Rose Rutkowski

Beach Reeper

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: Chelsea just wanted to ditch college and have fun in the sun as a barista in SoCal. Unfortunately, bodies start turning up and they aren’t in line for coffee. Can Chelsea and her coffee shop family find the killer without getting burned?

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Genre: Horror!

The Rise and Fall Saga by Curtis Star

The Rise and Fall Saga

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: In a world populated by beautiful ponies, everything is ruled by the Carousel. At least, it was until a group of rebels blew it up. In the aftermath, No-Pony comes stumbling out of the wreckage and into the embrace of the scientist Stitch. While the unorthodox doctor is repairing No-Pony’s body, he is also using him for his own twisted plots. But even Stitch’s plans can’t stand up to the interference by the Governor and No-Pony’s destiny, both of which seem out to destroy everything.

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Genre: Romance!

Yes, I do have three posts devoted to romance, but it is a popular genre! Enjoy some new options!

Confessions by Victoria Fletcher


Description as provided to Kindle Vella: Life is about choices. Maxine wasn’t allowed to make her own. She hadn’t dared to live all her life. Growing up in a strict religious household wasn’t easy; especially for a closeted bisexual who uses poems as self expression. But now she is free to be herself and having fun- lots of fun, with Will and Simone; but at what cost? Can she choose what is best for herself? If she can figure out what that is first.

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One Town Over by Dan Leicht

One Town Over

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: John Prince’s life in Peak Creek seems perfect. He’s been seeing Cassandra Queen for six months and hopes to move in together. However, Cassandra resists the change, putting John’s romantic future into question. When an opportunity to advance at work opens up, John feels his luck turning around. Katie Young, a recent transfer at the firm, has other plans. Their rivalry collides when they have to co-present during a company retreat.

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And how about one more? Just for good luck!

The Court Under the Sea by NM Lovely

The Court Under the Sea

Description as provided to Kindle Vella: 17 year old Karina Starheart has only ever wanted one thing, to see Voltulin, the under water realm of the Dark Fae. There’s just one problem, her parents refuse to let her go. This leaves her with no choice but to join the noble girls on a journey to wed the Dark Fae Prince, Zarek Nightstorm. Under the Sea, there are whispers, of betrayal, of a hidden Princess. Can Karina navigate court and make it out alive? Or will she fall prey to the Dark Prince’s desires?

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While compiling this list of Kindle Vella books, I noticed many included on this post have over 1,000 reads!

Which ones are YOU reading?

Are you a Kindle Vella reader or an author? Drop your recommendations in the comments below!

Published by Kristen Dutkiewicz

I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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