Finding Success With Kindle Vella

If you are a writer new to Kindle Vella, a writer who has never even heard of Kindle Vella, OR a writer still making your mark on the platform, you have come to the right place!

Exactly three months ago to the day, I decided to take the leap and, after a full year of ‘minimal’ success with Kindle Unlimited, I began submitting episodes for Kindle Vella.

Now here we are, and I am ready to share what I have learned!

How I Went from 1 to 8 Kindle Vella Stories in Three Months

Yes, you read that right.

What started out as one story, I’m Still Me, quickly turned into EIGHT available stories on Kindle Vella (three are still ongoing).

Every author has their niche along with their thoughts on episodic reading. I prefer my Vellas to be around twenty episodes or less. I think it is good for readers to have an end in sight and know what they are signing up for.

In March, I released I’m Still Me, loosely based on my real life, about a 20-something teacher newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who is also navigating her love life.

A Kindle Vella romance/medical drama!

If you’re interested in reading this completed twenty-episodes-long romance medical drama, CLICK HERE!

After receiving pretty overwhelming positive feedback, I decided to release a second Vella, of a different genre. Then I realized, I could experiment and try a VARIETY of genres and see which ones are most successful!

One of my latest, Mystical Missy and Her Life of Magical Events is a fantasy piece that follows Missy as she develops a new ability (power) every year of her life.

See what I mean about experimenting?

A new Kindle Vella piece!

If you’re interested in reading the ongoing work, Mystical Missy, CLICK HERE!

I see myself releasing several more Vella stories in the future. I love writing! I love telling stories! While acknowledging, undoubtedly, some will be better than others, if I have the ideas, why not put them out there?

If you are a writer for Kindle Vella, the possibilities are endless, and I hope you experiment with publishing more than one story!

Marketing My Kindle Vella Stories

Now this I am certainly no expert at marketing.

I do have three primary places where I post about my Vella stories and encourage readers to check them out.

1. This blog!

I have a recent post where I invited my fellow Kindle Vella authors to submit their works to be featured, and that can be found HERE!

2. Instagram

Thankfully, I have connected with some fellow Vella authors along with readers through IG, and it has been a great place to share my works and encourage my followers to check them out!

3. Facebook

This is the big one. Make sure if you are a Kindle Vella author you join some of the FB groups for Vella. Some of the good ones are Kindle Vella Readers & Writers Promotion Group, Kindle Vella Stories, and Kindle Vella Authors – Promotion & Advices Amazon KDP – You can find me in all three of these groups!

I think a key to marketing in the beginning is being willing to SUPPORT your fellow authors as well. Give them feedback, read their works, LISTEN to them! We’re all in this together.

Let’s Talks Numbers

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Monetarily speaking, hands down, the bonuses are the best part of writing for Kindle Vella at this stage.

No one knows precisely how bonus figures are generated, but there are undeniably key components that go into your bonus:

  1. Episodes Read – this includes free along with paid episodes
  2. Follows – are readers following your story to come back for more?
  3. Faves – readers can select faves after purchasing token packs
  4. Published Episodes – are you releasing quality episodes on a regular basis?

I have been lucky enough to receive three bonus payments, and while I am also still trying to decipher Amazon’s algorithm for the Kindle Vella bonuses, I remain uncertain. However, the bonuses keep coming, and I can’t complain!

Which leads to the question I hear so many of my fellow authors asking…

Why is my Kindle Vella bonus less than last month?

This one I feel confident in answering for you.

Remember, more and more authors are signing up to write for Kindle Vella every month. Everyone is releasing more stories, and the bonus money can only stretch so far.

If you had a story receive 700 reads last month, and 725 this month, that is FANTASTIC!!

However, I wouldn’t expect a higher bonus just because of that.

Keep in mind all the other authors who not only also experiencing higher reads, but many also just signed up!

That’s all I know. Let’s hope maybe one day, we will have a bit more insight into the official algorithm so we know where to focus our attention.

My Kindle Vella Success (So Far!)

I’m not one to disclose exact amounts for payments, but I can confirm I make (a lot) more than I had when I was only publishing with Kindle Unlimited.

I am also willing to share some numbers related to my stories and their reader statistics. After all, I am an author first and foremost, and, yes, the money is great, but more than anything, I want the readers!

From March 24, 2022 through today, these are my Vella numbers…
  • TOTAL Episodes Read: 4,500
  • LOCKED Episodes Read: 2,150
  • Episode Thumbs Up: 2,990
  • Story Follows: 385
  • Total Reviews: 14

Writing has always been my passion, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share my works with the world.

ANY reads to me equals success!

Before you leave, are you an author on Kindle Vella? Are you a Kindle Vella reader? Be sure to leave me a note in the comments so I know you were here!

Published by Kristen Dutkiewicz

I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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