Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited

About six weeks ago, I began my journey with Amazon’s new serialized reading platform, Kindle Vella, and have been very fortunate in that I have readers following me on this new writing journey!

To read more about Kindle Vella, CLICK HERE to read my blog post where I explain how Vella works.

However, I acknowledge many readers still subscribe to and utilize Kindle Unlimited. One of the nice features about Kindle Vella is that thirty days after publishing your work, authors can re-release their completed books in both paperback and eBook form, and why not make it available with KU, too?

New Release

My first ever Kindle Vella, romance/medical drama I’m Still Me, received over 700 likes in just over a month, and five five-star reviews. As an indie author, safe to say, I was ecstatic.

To read I’m Still Me in its original form, episode by episode, check it out on Kindle Vella by clicking HERE.

To receive a Kindle or paperback copy, or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, click HERE!

I’m Still Me, is loosely based on my journey with multiple sclerosis in that the main character, LeeAnn Taylor is a 20-something teacher newly diagnosed with MS.

It has been my mission to raise MS awareness since being diagnosed, and I’m Still Me is just one small way to maybe reach a new audience.

I’m Still Me by Kristen Dutkiewicz

Transitioning From Kindle Vella to Kindle Unlimited

I was unsure if anything would be different considering I had previously released the work using Kindle Vella, but in all honesty, given I have nine other works available with KU and in paperback, releasing I’m Still Me was no different!

I love that my work can remain available on Kindle Vella at the same time so readers can pick and choose how to enjoy it!

If you are ever interested in my true story about my journey with multiple sclerosis, this blog is an excellent source and be sure to reference my short-read memoir, You Don’t Look Sick. Available now!

Enjoy this exclusive mini-excerpt from Chapter 1 of I’m Still Me…

I started crying and sat up, choking on sobs that poured from me. I cried tears as if it were the same as the air my lungs desperately needed after pushing my body to its limits. I cried for the me from four years ago who was scared and clueless in the doctor’s office, just wanting answers.

I cried for the girl who had to stand up to people who did not believe her when she said she was sick.

I cried for the old me. The carefree girl who I had to say good-bye to after my diagnosis.

But more than any of those reasons, I cried because I was so, so happy.

I was still the girl living with multiple sclerosis.

And I could still run.


Get your copy today! Happy reading!

Published by Kristen Dutkiewicz

I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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