September Writing Prompts: Day 14

Happy Friday Eve!

I am seriously having the best time with these writing prompts and getting so many good ideas. I think writing using all these different starting ideas has really helped keep my creative juices flowing!


Writing Prompt 14:

When nobody was around

Serena watched the ballerinas in awe as they performed at the local dance showcase. Her mother had been taking her since she was just a little girl, but now that she was six, she was almost grown up, and she had finally developed a true appreciation for dance.

Her mother worked in the costume department, so she was always invited to watch the showcases, and even certain performances, with her daughter.

Serena was always eager to tag along.

When the show had ended, Serena took her mom’s hand as she skipped to the parking lot.

“How do they do that, Mommy?”

“Do what, Sweetie?”

“Move their bodies that way? They all look so beautiful.”

Serena’s mom chuckled and squeezed her daughter’s hand. “Lots of work.”

“You work,” replied Serena.

“They work even more than me.”

“If I work really hard, could I be a ballerina one day?”

Her mother helped her into the car, and as she was buckling her seatbelt, she asked if she would be interested in taking a dance class with other children her age.

Serena had to wait a full two months before dance class was starting, and it felt like forever.

She knew it was going to take lots of hard work to look as beautiful as those ballerinas did at the last showcase, so when nobody was around, Serena danced.

Sometimes she would try and copy the dance moves she had seen, and sometimes she would just spin in circles until the world was spinning.

She danced

and danced

and danced.

Because one day, she was going to make her dreams come true.


All writing is original work of Kristen Dutkiewicz. 

For more of her works, please reference the My Works tab for descriptions of each of her available novellas!

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I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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