100th Blog Post!

Reaching one hundred blog posts is certainly something to celebrate!

One of the reasons I began this blog was really as a way to get my name out there and encourage people to read my books!

As an avid reader, I’m always judging other people’s works, and people frequently used to ask me, “How come you don’t write your own book?” The truth is I DID want to be an author when growing up and was always creating stories.

But then I followed another passion of teaching.

Fast forward ten years and after my multiple sclerosis relapse scares of 2020 and the world falling apart due to the pandemic, I finally did it! I wrote not one, but four books!

Today’s the final day to get my short-read memoir, You Don’t Look Sick for FREE for Kindle. Click here to buy now!

I’ll be releasing by FIFTH work this month. So what better way to celebrate than discussing my upcoming book.

The Clover Girls

When I was younger, one of my favorite books was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and a favorite movie was Now and Then. I suppose you could say my upcoming release, The Clover Girls is a cross between the two.

Here’s my excerpt I provided for my Amazon release:

Four best friends.

Follow Zoey, Catherine, Allison, and Valerie as they survive their high school years, marriages, careers, and life choices, all while having each other to lean on.

Zoey’s parents struggled to keep their marriage together while raising four children, and Zoey swore when she grew up, she would never be like her mom.

Catherine was the only one of the four friends to stick with track and field when entering high school, and her parents believed this would be her ticket into college and a future.

Allison had to work extra hard to maintain passing grades, but found herself in a school play and dating the boy in school everyone wanted.

Valerie was determined to be noticed by anyone, and she finally found a connection with someone after years of just trying to fit in.

That was before… Where are they now?

People and plans have a funny way of changing with time.

Told from alternating timelines, readers will get to know all four characters on an intimate level and soon feel like they have been their personal friends for years.

We all grow up, but do we have to grow apart?

Some friendships are meant to last, through all the ups and downs, and this is one of those friendships.


Sound like something you could take the time to read? (Answer is yes!)

CLICK HERE to pre-order today! Publication date will be March 18! Help me celebrate my 100th post by taking the opportunity to not only read, but also leave a review for one of my books! I promise to read every one I ever get!

Published by Kristen Dutkiewicz

I am a an author, recently releasing six short-reads/novellas on Amazon, including my short read memoir about my journey with multiple sclerosis. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my fiance and two cats. When I am not writing, you can find me either exercising or reading!

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